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Quality Assurance


KHRS is committed to a loyal and healthy relationship with our clients, which is why we always conduct quality and cooperation surveys on a monthly or quarterly basis. This is to ensure that the cooperation is optimal and all wishes are met. The survey can be reviewed during dialogue meetings between KHRS management and the client. Already at the start of the cooperation with a new client, quality will be a key word throughout the contract period. Quality will continue continuously with fixed control procedures, clear objectives and guidelines that will provide a reassurance among our staff and you. We have extensive experience in launching and implementing a new contract. A clear takeover plan will help to create the best foundation for the desired level of quality and service in the partnership.


  • The services are as agreed and with expected quality, quantity and service.

  • Delivery is made at the agreed price and time.

  • The quality of our self-checking and inspection is consistent and documentable.

  • All relevant regulatory requirements are met.

  • Vi sikrer, at vores medarbejdere har de nødvendige kompetencer.

KHRS works continuously to optimize and further develop our systems in our quality assurance process, to constantly keep up with the times and create the best conditions for employees and customers.


  • Ongoing unannounced spot checks by our Quality Controller of: employees, inspectors, work managers, cleaning and quality.

  • Quality control in cooperation with the customer's contact person.

  • Self-check after each completed task.

  • Inspections as needed (initially weekly)

  • Every 3 months or monthly quality and cooperation surveys ( Client and KHRS.)

  • Monthly quality and collaboration surveys (Employees and KHRS.)


Our Quality Controller carries out unannounced spot checks on staff performance, self-control, work efficiency and motivation, as well as on the work of supervisors and inspectors, and oversees cleaning quality. This service will not have an additional cost for the customer, as the service is an extra service that ensures a continuous high quality of cleaning work.

In addition, KHRS organises spot checks in collaboration with the client, so that we can work together to maintain the good quality and service level. The random checks must cover at least 1% of all jobs in order to have an acceptable effect. If the checks do not correspond to the desired quality, an action plan is immediately initiated to remedy the situation to the customer’s satisfaction.


  1. 1

    Conclusion of contract.

  2. 2

    Organisation of start-up meeting - management level.

  3. 3

    Clarification of the technical and organisational content.

  4. 4

    Preparation and organisation of the requested cleaning programme:

    • Frequency cleaning
    • Programmed cleaning
    • The purity system
    • INSTA 800
    • Quality-based cleaning
    • Own specially designed cleaning program
  5. 5

    Preparation of a proper timetable and action plan for the work.

  6. 6

    Presentation of the task to work supervisors and inspectors.

  7. 7

    Education/training and task-specific instruction for staff.

  8. 8

    Operational preparation, including procurement of chemicals and machinery.

  9. 9

    Starting the task.

  10. 10

    Running-in period and daily operation.


Quality control is also organized in collaboration with the customer based on a detailed control schedule, this control can vary as needed, but most often it is once a month. A fixed date can be set or a quality control form can be prepared so that the customer receives a semi-annual overview.


KHRS inspectors perform quality control as needed and in agreement with the customer, to ensure a high level of quality that does not decrease with time. The inspections must be carried out at each and every site, in each room so that the inspector gets the full overall impression of the cleaning level and a uniform cleaning quality is created.


KHRS can perform quality control based on its own specially designed control forms or based on DS / INSTA800.