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EURES Partnership

EURES Partnership


This week, two employees from KHRS have been in Bologna, to take a EURES supervisor diploma, in connection to KHRS being a partner in the EURES cooperation. It has been an inspiring week. We look forward to the improved recruitment possibilities through the EURES cooperation, as well as our own contribution to the partnership.

EURES is a European cooperation between companies in European countries regarding recruitment of labour. Here you can read more about the EURES cooperation.

On the website Workindenmark you can find information regarding how you, as a foreigner, apply for jobs in Denmark. How to construct a resume and a cover letter. The Danish work culture, and details regarding the Danish Labour Market, as well as the general Danish lifestyle and much more.

For employers there is information regarding how to find job applicants, in which areas there is a lack of labour, how to make your job postings visible etc.

On the website Workindenmark you can also find information regarding the rules of Residence Permit and Work Permit in Denmark.

Workindenmark have made a guide that provides you with practical information about Residence Permit and Work Permit, Housing and much more. They also have a newsletter with stories about Expats who is living and working in Denmark.

If you want to know more about our EURES-Cooperation, feel free to contact our EURES- Supervisor

Camilla Sbeihi Phone +45 35 36 22 0

Mail: or

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