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CSR Policy

KHRS corporate responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) social and environmental issues are an integral part of our business model and business culture.


Our CSR policy is based on both our many years of work with social responsibility through integration and employment promotion projects as well as our consideration for the environment.


KHRS knows that the company affects the environment through our daily work with, among other things, cleaning and kitchen service, it can not be avoided, but instead we can do our best to minimize environmental impact. As a cleaning company, KHRS has the opportunity to contribute to a positive development in relation to our employees, the environment and society. Therefore, KHRS has formulated a CSR policy which is followed and complied with by all employees in the company – at management as well as employee level.


A good CSR policy is about taking responsibility and acting on the essential things, even small environmental measures can help make a difference. CSR is an integral part of KHRS and this is looked down upon throughout the organization, it is values ​​and goals everyone lives by every single day.


KHRS CSR policy is based on the impact we as a company have on our employees, the environment and society.


You can read our ESG Strategy here: ESG Strategy

  • KHRS takes into account and improves employment conditions, gender equality and the working environment.

  • Complies with the code of conduct, ie. wages, equality, working conditions, working environment.

  • Systematic improvement of the company's impact on the environment.

  • Compliance with environmental policy and CSR policy.