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Window Cleaning



It is with great pleasure that we can offer environmentally friendly window cleaning throughout Zealand, and with our many years of experience in the profession, we can guarantee a good service with high quality that ensures our customers a perfect result every time.

KHRS staff will clean your windows so you can enjoy the view.


  • Option for eco-friendly and swan-labelled products

  • Dosing systems

  • Trained and experienced staff

  • High security

KHRS uses window cleaning solutions that are designed to use water that has been filtered and treated for all impurities. Using a Clean-Water-System, we can perform tasks up to 21.5 meters high, with our feet safely placed on the ground. In addition to eliminating work accidents, the method has several benefits for both the customer and the window cleaner. The result is crystal clear – nicer than what is possible with conventional window cleaning and the windows stay clean for longer.


After a conventional window cleaning, a coating of soap, magnesium and calcium etc. will still be present and it is this coating that binds the dirt found in the air. The glazing bars, sills and base pieces will become discoloured over the years by the rubber strips that adhere to the window and the dirt that is now once on the window will be significantly reduced by using our Clean-Water-System.


Working at height – from the ground – obviously requires a different working method and technology than conventional window cleaning.


In our cars there is a water tank with pumps and a hose trolley of 50-100 meters placed in the car. From here, the completely clean water is pumped via hoses to the telescopic bar of the window winders. The telescopic pole has specially designed brush heads fitted, which disperse the water onto the customer’s windows through small nozzles. The water used contains no soap residues or chemicals and is therefore harmless to nature and materials such as woodwork and facades.


The system allows the customer to have windows cleaned that are not accessible by ladder, as the window polishers’ telescopic poles can access these areas, which would otherwise cost the hire of expensive lifts or similar.


With this system we reduce the consumption of cleaning chemicals which is beneficial for our employees, customers and the environment.