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About Us


KHRS is a service company that was established in 1981. At that time, KHRS was primarily engaged in cleaning, whereas today there has been an expansion within the service area provided. KHRS offers a wide range of services, which are primarily within the framework of the hotel industry and business services. We also offer recruitment for third-parties in need of labor in multiple industries.


With more than 42 years of experience in this field, a professional and exceptional approach to customers has been developed. Quality and service-minded are words we as a company would like to be associated with. KHRS does this best by maintaining the work effort that goes into any kind of challenge.


KHRS ‘self-perception is that we are an extremely adequate and adaptable partner who will at all times override its own needs in order to meet the customer’s needs. This self-perception is based on long-term collaborative relationships and extremely satisfied customers, which we are proud of.


Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that KHRS accommodates more than 67 different nationalities, which means that a tolerant and respectful attitude exists among our multicultural staff. This multicultural work environment is also an expression of the fact that the idea of ​​’the common good’ has been drilled deep into the hearts of KHRS’ employees.


KHRS has a clear vision – And we know what it takes to realize it!


Strengthened productivity and increased growth are the key to a positive societal development. If this development is to be realized and put into practice, it requires that relevant actors, such as private companies, take the initiative and support to make a difference. This is the business philosophy that KHRS as a service company strives to live up to. KHRS is committed to making a difference for the public and private sectors.


KHRS strives to create more jobs and thereby contribute to the socio-economic cycle.


  • KHRS has an agreement with 3F Læs mere

  • KHRS is a member of the Service Industry Employers' Association

  • KHRS is a member of the HORESTA Employers' Association.

  • KHRS følger FN's Code of Conduct

  • KHRS won the Copenhagen Business Award 2016

  • KHRS has been nominated for VFSA's CSR People Prize 2016

  • KHRS is a permanent business support member for the Red Cross

  • KHRS is a business partner for the Danish Cancer Society

  • KHRS is a member of the HORESTA Employers' Association.


  • Professional and experienced management as well as staff

  • High delivery security and back-up system in case of unplanned absence

  • Structured and organized start-up and implementation period

  • Quality assurance and quality reporting

  • Self-inspection, random inspection and inspection

  • Trained and task-specific trained employees

  • High level of service and loyal cooperation

  • Environmentally sound services and ergonomic correctness

  • Responsible safety and health measures


KHRS is very proud to win the coveted Business Award 2016 in the category ‘Environment and social responsibility’. For the past 10 years, KHRS has worked on integration and employment promotion projects in close collaboration with the country’s municipalities.

”KHRS is a company that has shown impressive social responsibility. KHRS has been successful in establishing jobs for people far from the labor market and has managed to create a strong business, a spacious and diverse workplace as well as jobs in Copenhagen. ”

This was the jury’s reasoning when KHRS was named the winner of Copenhagen’s newly established Business Award 2016 in June.


We are proud to announce that we are now a member of the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest initiative for corporate responsibility, which sets a global standard for corporate progress, reporting, and communication regarding sustainability. We hereby commit to integrating the ten principles and the Sustainable Development Goals into our daily operations and contributing to a more sustainable and just future. This membership reflects our deep commitment to acting responsibly, contributing to sustainable development, and collaborating with other companies to address the world’s most pressing challenges.