Besøg KHRS Academy


Hotel Service


KHRS provides professional and presentable bellboys who are always ready to greet hotel guests.


Many hotels are very busy during the summer period and this can lead to more stressed staff at the reception, and you may not be able to provide the service to your customers that you want.
In order to avoid compromises and to ensure this high level of service, KHRS can alleviate the rush and optimise the service that your guests deserve through bellboys.


Guests first impression of the hotel is very important. With our skilled, stable, and accommodating bellboys, guests will always be greeted with a smile and welcomed to the hotel.


Our bellboys are not only used to assist hotel guests with luggage – they are also used as tour guides. Our bellboys have knowledge of the area, the city, and the country, so they can always guide guests in the best possible way.


  • High level of service

  • Presentable employees

  • Employees know at least two languages

  • Employment according to collective agreement


  • Better service to guests

  • Relief of reception and other departments

  • No permanent staff

  • Greater flexibility

  • Competitive hourly rate