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KHRS is always looking for committed, reliable and competent employees, especially in commercial cleaning and hotel services. Motivated employees are always welcome here at KHRS. So if you are professional, responsible and ready to make a difference, you might be the next person we hire.


KHRS encourages you to apply also unsolicited.


Don’t be afraid to apply if you have no experience, just have the right attitude and motivation. At KHRS, we go to great lengths to train and educate our employees, regardless of experience or not, to ensure consistent quality and service. You will be trained and instructed. The instruction and task-specific training is targeted to your future workplace. There will be on-the-job training at the beginning and your supervisor/inspector will accompany you during the first week to ensure you receive the necessary training and instruction, and to ensure that the quality and service meet customer standards and expectations.


Foreign nationals must have a valid residence and work permit in Denmark before they can start working at KHRS. KHRS automatically obtains your tax information from SKAT as soon as you are set up as an employee.


KHRS hires employees regardless of nationality and religion. KHRS has a staff of over 40 nationalities, which we are proud of. KHRS is a diverse and inclusive service company that takes care of all our employees.


KHRS recognises our staff as our most valuable resource, therefore we are committed to ensuring that staff are not discriminated against on the grounds of gender, colour, origin, religion or belief, age or pregnancy. All staff are treated with respect and in accordance with Danish law.


If you don’t have a profile or it has been a while since you sent your last application, you should should just fill out the application form. A new profile will automatically be created, and login informations for your profile will be forwarded, when you have saved or sent your application.

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    KHRS is the data controller for the information you enter. See our data policy for further information.

    When you apply, you accept that we register and collect your personal information that you enter in connection with your application. This also applies to video presentations, pictures etc.

    We can share your application with our employees who are involved in the recruitment and third parties who help us with the process. This also includes recruitment companies that offer personality tests etc.

    We keep your application as well as the other information that you have entered until the recruitment process is completed and in the subsequent period where we believe that your application is relevant to us, but never more than 6 months.

    By entering your personal data you agree:

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    • That you give consent of your own free will that we may collect and use your information


    Apply today or fill in the application form via the link and visit us at our address:


    Vibevej 20, 3rd floor tv. 2400 Copenhagen NV.


    Our reception is open to everyone on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 – 13:00 or by appointment.


    You must bring a copy of your criminal record, work permit and residence permit as well as your or other ID.


    We look forward to hearing from you
    Yours sincerely
    KHRS ApS


    • Clean criminal record and possibly child certificate (required by some government clients)

    • Legal work and residence permit

    • Speaks at least Danish or English


    • Meets

    • Responsible

    • Motivated

    • Flexible

    • Well-behaved

    • Cooperative


    • A good and proper treatment

    • Good cooperation and well-defined tasks

    • Mutual trust and respect between managers and employees

    • A good and developing working environment both physically and mentally

    • Good work-life balance

    • Challenging tasks

    • A diverse and inclusive workplace with equal conditions for all regardless of gender, age, religion or ethnic origin