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Hotel Service

Hotel Service


KHRS offers a wide range of different services for hotels in Copenhagen and Greater Copenhagen.


KHRS can state with no hidden pride that the majority of the 4 & 5 star hotels in Copenhagen have trusted their services to KHRS and our employees.


In addition, KHRS is proud that the majority of our hotel customers are members of The Green Key. You can read about “The Green Key” on the website


Green Key is the international eco-label for tourism, which is given to tourism companies that make an extra effort to protect the environment. An eco-labeled company must live up to many specific and relevant environmental requirements, which are ensured by a comprehensive approval procedure and by ongoing inspections.


As your partner, KHRS can guarantee that all legal requirements for hygiene and food safety are complied with. Furthermore, the guests’ and staff’s expectations for cleaned hotels, restaurants, kitchens and rooms are met 365 days a year.


Our employees have a course in first aid and can therefore react quickly and efficiently if an employee or a guest has a cardiac arrest. They are taught the use of 1813, the emergency line, 112, and the poison line.


KHRS ApS puts great emphasis on tailoring total solutions within hotel service that are adapted to the customer’s needs and wishes.