Besøg KHRS Academy


Hotel Service


KHRS’s staff is professional, skilled and experienced in housekeeping. Our staff can handle hotel room cleaning and houseman duties.


In collaboration with the hotel, KHRS will work purposefully to increase the hotel’s occupancy rate, by preparing departure rooms first, and reporting back to the reception quickly so that the hotel has prepared rooms available early in the day.


KHRS is proud of what we do and it is important to us that our staff are happy and well-functioning and that they do a good job. KHRS offers our staff internal courses and training as well as the flexibility that comes with working.


At KHRS, we strive to have the best staff at all times.



Our skilled, committed and experienced matrons and supervisors deliver first-class quality and service to our customers.
The job involves a high degree of independence, experience in managing employees, hiring, room checks, cleaning, staffing and shift planning as well as problem solving in stressful situations. Our matrons are leaders who act as role models for their employees and colleagues.


KHRS always discusses together with the hotel how the tasks for the matrons / supervisors are to be organized.


The matron / supervisor is an important role for a well-functioning housekeeping department. KHRS trusts the matron / supervisor with the daily operation, as they act as the hotel’s close partner.


  • The quality of the maids' work is checked, and possible errors are corrected immediately

  • Windows must be closed and TV and lamps switched off

  • The thermostat on the radiator must be set correctly for the season

  • Receipt for approval of rooms that are ready for check-in


All our maids and housemen speak Danish or English and are trained to perform room cleaning cf. the quality requirements.
The staff is aware of environmentally friendly and correct use of cleaning agents, so that unnecessary wear and tear on rooms and furniture is avoided and the environment is exposed as little as possible.