Besøg KHRS Academy


 “Project Enterprise Centre”, was a pilot project under the Danish Labour Market Board to create labour market insertion units for citizens who can enter the labour force. The citizens were long-term recipients of cash benefits who had both little labour market experience and problems other than unemployment. The problems could be a language barrier, family circumstances, physical ailments or something else that made it difficult to get a job.

The success of this project has since spread to other municipalities, and in 2007 KHRS entered into a partnership with Jobcenter Hvidovre and started up a new project, “I mål med Job”.

The project, “Aiming for a Job”, targeted women from other ethnic backgrounds of all age groups and with more than 6 months of unemployment. KHRS took as a starting point that participants could be more motivated. Over a period of 12 weeks, they were upskilled through training and 4 weeks of work experience. They were thus prepared and trained to return to the labour market.