Besøg KHRS Academy


KHRS teaches Business English both in the workplace and KHRS’ classrooms targeted at work in the service industry. The target group is refugees and family members with a language barrier who participate in upskilling and internship programmes at KHRS, resulting in the retention of these employees. Industry language is compulsory for employees with language barriers in the various programmes in KHRS, and have difficulty understanding work instructions and training in Danish.

The programme includes various elements: teaching the industry’s words and phrases in Danish, translation and support in the mother tongue, guidance on Danish training, testing, evaluation, registration of students’ attendance, progress measurement and reporting to the job centre. KHRS teaches in Danish supported by teaching materials developed by KHRS in the following languages: Arabic, Urdu, Kurmanji, Swahili, Kurdish, Turkish, Dari, Farsi and Tigrinya. In addition, visual teaching methods in the form of pictures and video are also used so that it can be adapted to all levels from illiterate to highly skilled. We organise the language course according to the needs of the student. We tailor a programme to suit each individual using trainers, mentors, inspectors and peer tutors.